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Wanna give the Middle Finger to someone? Just so happens, we specialize in creating one of a kind Middle Finger Novelty products that you can buy and ship ANYWHERE (Anonymous Shipping available) . You can call us a Professional Middle Finger Distributor. Our featured products, the Bird, is a high quality print out of a Caucasian Male Middle Finger on high quality 8′.5″ by 11” paper. the Bird is on sale for the low low price of $5.00 (free shipping) and is shipped in a regular envelope unless specified otherwise.

the Bird is a great gag gift for birthdays, housewarming parties, baby showers (maybe not), and other events. You can even give it to special individuals you want to prank.

Here’s an example of some people that might like the Bird:

The guy your girlfriend cheated on your with
The boy your girlfriend cheated on you with
The guy your boyfriend cheated on you with
The girl your girlfriend cheated on your with

    The list of people you can send this novelty gift to is endless. If you’re convinced you want one of these, you can buy one at the bottom of this page.

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